A coat of urethane Rubber Timing Belt primer was applied over the rubber section and allowed to cure for 15 minutes.

Curve conveyor belt can be adjusted according to specific applications. Depending on its application, the material used to construct the curved conveyor belt is selected.

The use of cotton, canvas, PVC, rubber, silicone, and including steel and stainless steel, including strong and strong materials.

Every time I drive, in addition to observing the instrument on the dashboard, I will also try to hear if there is any strange sound from the hood.

The chances are that I would hear the sound of the plastic shell slapping the timing belt.

Next, a urethane is mixed and applied over the complete repair area replacing the worn or missing rubber.

The urethane is smoothed over with a putty knife and allowed to cure for 4 hours.

Urethanes are 100% solids and bond well to rubber and metal. Urethanes are very resistant to abrasion and in many cases will outwear the rubber V Belt Global Supply material.