Your artisan will V Belt attending for cracks, splits, damaged edges, missing chunks, ceramics and added signs of wear. Usually it's adequately simple to see if the belt is beat out.

A exhausted belt accept to be replaced. A drive belt accept to aswell be replaced if it is activate to be blood-soaked in oil, or stretched.

If your car has two drive belts, both are usually replaced at the aforementioned time. It's aswell a acceptable abstraction to alter an old drive belt afore a continued alley trip.

Apprehend more: Car account afore a continued trip. Replacing a drive belt is not actual expensive; $80-$315 depending on the vehicle.

Drive belt tensioner

Mazda Miata chiral drive belt tensioner adjustment.

To plan properly, a drive belt accept to be beneath able tension. In earlier cars, belt astriction had to be adapted manually, see the photo.

Typically, you would apprehend a loud arrest babble if the engine is started if the drive belt is loose. In cars with chiral adjustment, the belt astriction accept to be arrested during approved casework and adapted as necessary.

Chevrolet Ecotec engine automated Drive Belt tensioner.