What accessories am I referring to? How about that steering pump I mentioned above? Drive Rubber Belt also turn that little electric generator called an alternator.

Because brown is so versatile and muted, it can be used with a wide array of dress clothing.

What is most important is that you purchase a men's belt that has a width that coordinates with the loops of your pants.

Western style belts in particular can be very wide to accommodate the western style belt buckles.

Be wary and when in doubt pick an average width that is neither skinny nor wide.

This will allow you to accommodate many different occasions.

The belt style is very important to the occasion and look you want to portray. One good rule of thumb is that you can always go simple and plain.

The most common type of men's brown leather belts have no CVT Belt pattern or distinguishing marks. This shouldn't be confused with undesirable, but rather understated.