If you go up Rubber Timing Belt against an opponent with a firearm, you just give him an excuse to pull the trigger. Finally, in a tie. both parties to the conflict lose.

Therefore, your chances are lose, lose, or go to jail. Bigger blades are better because they give you more reach.

Therefore, you can extend your range from your opponent and move in when you have an opening.

Consider, for example, the Mamba from Black Jack Knives.

There are magnetized belts that keep scrap from flying off the belt which are metal, steel belts that can carry hot and heavy material and oily parts, food grade belts for sanitary food processing and distribution to various departments.

The customary conveyor is rugged and hard-working, often utilised in underground mining or above ground in agricultural work.

With these varieties of conditions, the belts needed to be robust, durable and maybe not terribly detail-orientated.

These machines may be made from almost everything, depending upon where in the country they were being used and what they had to carry.

Wood, leather and metal were the standard components of most of these early conveyor V Belt Company.