You should immediately replace the timing Rubber Belt if it starts having any common symptoms.

A timing belt will generally start to produce a high pitched, squeaking, noise before it fails.

If the timing belt does break, it will cause a very large sound in the engine as components will be breaking forcefully. The engine will also shut off and not be able to restart.

What Happens If A Timing Belt Breaks?

The last thing that you want to deal with in your internal combustion engine is a broken timing belt.

If this happens that valves and pistons will not be in sync and collide into each other with great force.

This will result in the pistons and valves becoming damaged along with the internal walls of the cylinders.

In the worst case scenario the camshaft will also be damaged which is a very expensive repair.

A non-interference type Gurinai engine design will not result in any damage if the belt breaks, but will still disable the vehicle completely.